Staying Safe while riding / driving with City One

To help keep riders safe, we vet City One driver-partners and build our technology with safety in mind. But there are also things that you as a passenger can do to stay safe. We worked with law enforcement to create this list of tips to help you stay safe while riding with City One.

How we’ve designed safety & trust

Background Checks

While no screening system is perfect, we run drivers against identity, driver’s license validity and criminal record checks. We want passengers to know they are safe in the hands of someone else.

Secure Payments

Our payments are all electronic i.e. no cash (for now). We also use a secure payment mechanisms with automated and manual fraud protection systems to protect your information.

Law Enforcement Relations

We work closely with Law enforcement agencies to swiftly solve criminal offences on our platform. This means we supply them with all necessary information in investigations and beyond.

Secure Messaging

Our secure messaging tool lets you get to know a driver or passenger and ask questions about pickup location or times. After the booking is confirmed, you can use it to easily message back-and-forth

Social Profiles

Everyone on City One has a profile to help other drivers or passengers get to know each other. To ride or drive, you’ll be asked to provide City One with your full name, date of birth, photo, phone number, payment information, and email address.


If you’re curious about what others thought of a potential passenger or driver, all you have to do is look at their reviews. Passengers and drivers can only review each other after a trip is completed, so you know the feedback you’re seeing is based on actual experiences.

Get attentive, empathetic help and assistance.

Our Support Team are here if you ever need us. You can contact us via chat, email or phone call.

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